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Judge Grants TRO To Block New Gun-Carry Laws In New Jersey

Judge Grants TRO To Block "New" Gun-Carry Laws Restrictions In New Jersey!

Date: January 9, 2023

On Monday, a federal judge ruled much of New Jersey’s Bruen-response law is unconstitutional and issued a temporary restraining order against enforcement of its “sensitive places” restrictions. The law, modeled after the New York response bill that has been struck down repeatedly, significantly restricts who can obtain and permit to carry and the locations where they can take their guns. District judge Renée Marie Bumb, a George W. Bush appointee, found the law violated the Second Amendment rights of residents.

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New Jersey CCW Frequently Asked Questions

• Pursuant to Attorney General Directive No. 2022-07 dated June 24, 2022. “Justifiable need to carry a handgun” is no longer required to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

• We recommend you submit a complete carry application package to your town police department or NJSP Barracks. Do not "Piece Meal" application items because they may get lost.

• If you have taken just the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course this will not satisfy the training requirement for the CCW application process.

• If you have taken just the FBI Shooting Qualifications this will not satisfy the training requirement for the CCW application process.

• If you have a CCW Permit from another State, this will not satisfy the New Jersey CCW training requirement.

• You need to practice the course of fire, because it will be pass or fail. All training and qualification must be within six (6) months of the application date.

• New Jersey residents that have a local police department must submit their Conceal Carry application packet there. Otherwise, it must be submitted to the closest State Police Barracks near the applicant's residence.    

• Once you have a NJ CCW Permit, the firearm you are carrying does not need to follow transportation rules. However, this does not apply to other firearms you might be transporting like a rifle.

• Exempt from carrying loaded mags? Once you have a NJ CCW Permit, you no longer have to rely upon the exemptions for the handgun you are carrying on your person.

• How many handguns am I allowed to carry? Once you have a NJ CCW Permit, you may carry a maximum of two handguns at any given time. 

• Does NJ CCW have Reciprocity? Some states recognize NJ’s permit, but at the moment, NJ does not recognize any out of state permit.

• You must renew your NJ CCW Permit every 2 years with a full application packet including shooting qualification.

• Can non-New Jersey residents can apply for a CCW Permit?  Yes! Non-New Jersey residents apply at a State Police Barracks.

• Can you Open Carry a firearm? As of December 22, 2022, open carry is no longer permitted. All firearms must be Concealed Carry.

• Does military training or a DD214 satisfy the training requirement? The answer is no.

• Can I get a permit if I smoke marijuana? Federal law prohibits anyone with a medicinal or recreational marijuana card from applying for a NJ CCW permit.

• Can a green card holder, who is not a US citizen, apply for the NJ CCW Permit? If they can legally own a firearm in NJ, they can apply.

• What if I fail? You will have to pay and retake the qualification course. Carrying a gun is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.

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Get Your NJ Permit to Carry / CCW - Process & Requirements


The process and requirements to get a "Permit to Carry" a Handgun in NJ

Date: September 15, 2023

The U. S. Supreme Court struck down the "justifiable need" requirement that made it difficult to obtain a permit to carry a handgun outside the home in New Jersey. On June 24, 2022 the New Jersey Attorney General issued a directive clarifying the NEW requirements for carrying firearms in public. Read the full AG Directive here: https://www.njoag.gov/acting-ag-platkin-issues-directive-clarifying-requirements-for-carrying-firearms-in-public-in-wake-of-supreme-courts-decision

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BREAKING: SCOTUS Strikes Down Gun Control

Supreme Court expands gun rights in major 2A ruling!

Date: June 23, 2022

The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York state law that made it difficult to obtain a permit to carry a handgun outside the home, marking the justices’ first major opinion on Second Amendment rights in more than a decade.

"The constitutional right to bear arms in public for self-defense is not a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees"

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Man Posing As Home Health Worker Shot To Death!

Intruder Posing As Home Health Worker Shot To Death!

Date: April 27, 2022

A home invasion suspect who tried to get into the house by posing as a home healthcare worker was shot and killed in southeast Houston, police say.

"I heard, ‘bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!’ Five or six gunshots," says neighbor Yazmin.

"It was really, really frightening," says 13-year-old neighbor Nicole.

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Intruder Shot In The Head During Home Invasion

Homeowner Shoots Alleged Intruder in Head During 911 Call!

Date: April 14, 2022

A man is in critical condition after authorities said he was shot while trying to break into a Dale County home.

Ozark-Dale County 911 received a call about 5:44 a.m. Wednesday from a resident in the 5000 block of County Road 14 in the Sylvan Grove community reporting a burglary in progress, said Dale County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Mason Bynum. “The suspect attempted several ways gain entry into the home, including entering through a child’s bedroom window.”

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ATF Has Stockpiled Over 900M Gun Purchases!

The ATF Has Stockpiled over 900 Million Gun Purchase Records!

Date: April 7, 2022

When you buy a gun in Biden’s America, the government might start tracking you. In 2021 alone, the Biden administration collected the records of $54 million gun purchases, according to documents from Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. It’s not enough for Biden, either, they’re pushing for those records to be stockpiled in perpetuity.

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A Tale of Two Grannies vs. Robbers!

Photo: Steve Smith / Blend

These Two Grandmother's Didn't Allow Themselves To Become Victims!

Date: April 5, 2022

Cairo, Georgia. An elderly woman is awakened by the sound of intruders breaking into her home. She goes to investigate and they open fire on her. She is hit. Do they then ransack the house, steal the TV, her jewelry, etc.? No, because she too is armed. She returns fire. The burglars, teenagers, as they turn out to be, don’t expect this and run away. Later they are apprehended and charged. The homeowner recovers from her wounds.

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Constitutional Carry Now In 24 States!


Alabama, Indiana and Ohio Join Constitutional Carry States This Month.

Date: March 29, 2022

Since the beginning of this year, three additional States have passed Constitutional Carry laws. Alabama, Indiana and Ohio. This brings the total to 24 States that have passed constitutional carry or permitless carry laws. That's right, nearly 50 percent of U.S. states have passed laws permitting constitutional carry or permitless carry of late and the list keeps growing. Eighteen of the 24 states (or 75 percent) have adopted constitutional carry or permit less carry in the last six years.

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Armed Self Defense is Everything


Sixty percent of gun owners cited personal safety as the reason they own a firearm.

Date: March 23, 2022

In a recent Gallup survey, sixty percent of gun owners cited personal safety as the reason they own a firearm. The anti-gun people's reply was, as it always is: “Personal safety? That’s what we have the police for.”

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