Armed Self Defense is Everything


Sixty percent of gun owners cited personal safety as the reason they own a firearm.

Date: March 23, 2022

In a recent Gallup survey, sixty percent of gun owners cited personal safety as the reason they own a firearm. The anti-gun people's reply was, as it always is: “Personal safety? That’s what we have the police for.”

Then came the summer of 2020 protests, which revealed two things:

First, some people don’t trust the police and want to reform it, defund it, or even abolish it. Second, and more importantly, the police are only so helpful in times of duress. Case in point, insurance claims for the collective arson, vandalism, and looting that took place in 2020 have added up to over $1 billion.

How did this happen? How did politicians, and in turn, the police let criminals run roughshod over whole communities with impunity? In a way, it doesn’t matter. The events of 2020 and how they unfolded are complex with many contributing factors. But the takeaway of how it affects the average law-abiding citizen is very simple. The streets, many of the neighborhoods in which we live, were made unsafe and the police were unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

Now I don’t mean this as a condemnation of the police. Quite the opposite. But, given the current political climate, I’m not holding my breath.

Take, for instance, Seattle, where city officials created a police-free zone, providing its inhabitants with supplies like portable toilets and traffic barriers. This “block party,” as the mayor initially called it, ended up contributing to a 525% increase in “person-related crime,” including robbery, assault, rape and gang activity.

In Chicago, it was hardly different. The mayor set the tone early, a tone that encouraged street violence with little to no police response. All over the country, police departments went understaffed as officers called in sick as a protest to the actions of city leaders.

There’s an old joke said between gun owners. “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” And that’s just it: even prior to the events of 2020, your best defense in a situation where someone means you harm is self-defense. And your best self-defense is armed self-defense. Call the police, sure. But if it’s me, I’m not going to be twiddling my thumbs or hiding under the bed in the meantime.

And as it turns out, the same holds true for a lot of other folks. A study cited by the C.D.C indicates a range of between 60,000 and 2.5 million times a year Americans use their firearms in self-defense. Coverage on local news of self-defense stories are everywhere if you look for them. And yet the anti-gun lobby wants to take people’s guns away or make it more difficult to obtain them to begin with. That without offering any viable alternative. Because there isn’t one.

That just won’t do. Not when seconds count and the police are minutes away.

So arm yourself, train, and rest easy. 

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