ATF Has Stockpiled Over 900M Gun Purchases!

The ATF Has Stockpiled over 900 Million Gun Purchase Records!

Date: April 7, 2022

When you buy a gun in Biden’s America, the government might start tracking you. In 2021 alone, the Biden administration collected the records of $54 million gun purchases, according to documents from Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. It’s not enough for Biden, either, they’re pushing for those records to be stockpiled in perpetuity.

Aidan Johnston, the director of federal affairs for Gun Owners of America, “buried within Biden’s proposed regulations is a provision that would mean every single Firearm Transaction Record going forward would eventually be sent to ATF’s registry in West Virginia.” This registry already contains 50 million unconstitutionally-obtained records, and they want to go further by prohibiting gun dealers from destroying the purchase records after 20 years.

Freedom-loving Americans and their representatives in Congress have been fighting the federal government over this registry for years now, but gun advocates have not been able to stop the ATF from hoovering up records. There’s been a push to digitize the records because the floor literally collapsed in the ATF’s West Virginia facility, under the weight of gun owners’ purchase records.

Maybe that has something to do with why Chuck Schumer recently asked for 1.5$ billion for the ATF: to reinforce the floors. Maybe, they’ll build a big data center, like the NSA has out in Utah, so they start gathering insights on the gun owners behind their 920,664,765 firearm purchase records. Gun Owners of America warned, “this is Biden’s next step towards gun confiscation.”

The ATF issued a statement saying that its “National Tracing Center processes millions of business records each month, but those out-of-business records do not constitute an initiation or continuation of any federal gun registry.”

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is doing its damnedest to chip away at the Second Amendment, attempting to jam through legislation with universal background checks and a ban on 10-40 million pistol braces, which stabilize popular weapons like the AR-15.

However, 35 Republican lawmakers have gone on the offense to investigate the ATF and scuttle the bill that would outlaw the destruction of purchase records after 20 years. Their statement reads, “the evidence provided by the ATF thus far demonstrates that such records likely have little utility in prosecuting crime, yet raise serious concerns about whether ATF is creating a prohibited national gun registry.”

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