Intruder Shot In The Head During Home Invasion

Homeowner Shoots Alleged Intruder in Head During 911 Call!

Date: April 14, 2022

A man is in critical condition after authorities said he was shot while trying to break into a Dale County home.

Ozark-Dale County 911 received a call about 5:44 a.m. Wednesday from a resident in the 5000 block of County Road 14 in the Sylvan Grove community reporting a burglary in progress, said Dale County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Mason Bynum. “The suspect attempted several ways gain entry into the home, including entering through a child’s bedroom window.”

While the resident – also an adult male - was updating dispatchers, the suspect broke an exterior window of the residence and began to make entry. As the suspect entered the window, the homeowner discharged a firearm striking the suspect in the head.

A deputy arrived on the scene about 5:50 a.m. and found the suspect unresponsive near the residence. The suspect was transported to a hospital by Echo Fire Rescue with life-threatening injuries.

Bynum said the investigation is still in the preliminary stages but said they have consulted with the Dale County District Attorney’s Office and do not anticipate any charges against the homeowner.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released.

The person in this story was on the phone with dispatchers when the alleged intruder broke into the house, and the homeowner used their gun to shoot the intruder. This is literally why you need a firearm for self defense.

Imagine if they didn’t have the gun to defend themselves.

As the famous saying goes, when seconds count, help is minutes away!

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