Get Your NJ Permit to Carry / CCW - Process & Requirements


The process and requirements to get a "Permit to Carry" Handgun in NJ

Date: January 20, 2023

The U. S. Supreme Court struck down the "justifiable need" requirement that made it difficult to obtain a permit to carry a handgun outside the home in New Jersey. On June 24, 2022 the New Jersey Attorney General issued a directive clarifying the NEW requirements for carrying firearms in public. Read the full AG Directive here: https://www.njoag.gov/acting-ag-platkin-issues-directive-clarifying-requirements-for-carrying-firearms-in-public-in-wake-of-supreme-courts-decision

There are training and certification requirements to obtain your New Jersey "Permit to Carry" a handgun that Elite Noire provides. Concealed Carry Courses require you to demonstrate safety, familiarity, and accuracy with the gun your wish to carry. You can read all about the requirement here under section "13:54-2.4 - Application for a permit to carry a handgun": https://www.state.nj.us/njsp/info/pdf/firearms/njac-title13-ch54.pdf

Below are the instructions from the New Jersey State Police website for applying for a permit to carry a handgun as of January 20, 2023. Please be advised that the NJSP may change these requirements. Be sure to check the NJSP website for updates. 

I recommend doing the following from a computer. You will need Adobe Reader to complete these forms. You can get it free. Click here: Adobe Reader

1. Have NJ FID Card (Click here to get Firearms ID Card form)
2. Don't own a Pistol / Handgun (Click here to get Pistol Permit form)
3. For the "Permit to Carry Instructions" please click this line.
4. For the "Permit to Carry Application" please click this line.
5. For the "Consent for Mental Health Check" please click this line.
6. Training certificates & qualifications which demonstrate a thorough familiarity with the safe handling and use of handguns. please click this line.

Elite Noire Academy provides FOUR different levels of concealed carry training and/or CCW qualifications depending on the student's skill level, proficiency and experience.

Click here: To See Our Four Training Options or Just Shoot the NJSP Handgun Qualification Course (HQC1)

These courses do not replace current NRA training courses. Rather, it complements existing NRA courses and, most importantly, streamlines the process into a single course for students wishing to apply for a CCW / "Permit to Carry" in New Jersey. You must have taken firearms proficiency qualification and/or training courses within the last 6-months of applying for your carry permit and qualify with the gun you are going to be carrying.

There is a classroom component with a written test and qualification course of fire. Students must score 80% to pass the course. If you fail the class, you will have to pay and retake the class. Carrying a gun is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. 

Furthermore, the NRA has a Special CCW course. Click here to read more about it: NRA Launches 50-State NRA CCW Course

NRA Basic 50-State CCW Course Qualification Course of Fire

Qualification is a 50-round course of fire. There are 100 points available. Students must score 80% to pass the course.
Students receive 3 attempts to qualify,

Students will shoot one on one with your instructor using the standard USPSA or IDPA target. (See Below)


1. One handed qual @ 3yds / 10ft. 10 rds. 2 magazines
2. 2 handed qual @ 5yds / 15ft. 10 rds, 2 magazines
3. 5 Shot, Bill-Drill qual @7yd / 21ft, 10 rds, 2 magazines
4. Reload qual @7yds / 21ft, 15 rds, 3 magazines
5. Distance qual @ 15 yds / 45 ft, 5 rds, 1 magazine



* If the shooter scores a hit in the Green Zone as outlined above the student will not receive a penalty.
* A shot that strikes the Red Zone of the target as outlined above 1 point will be deducted.
* If the bullet strikes the border between the Green and the Red Zone, it will be counted as a Green Zone hit.
* A complete miss will require another attempt at qualifying. A student has 3 attempts total to qualify.
* If a student fails to scan and assess they will be penalized 2 points per incident.
* Students will be allowed to re-shoot a drill if and only if they have an ammunition induced malfunction such as a fat round or a strike on the primer without the round going off.
* If a student has a non-ammunition related malfunction, causing a shot not to be fired, each shot not taken will result in a 2-point penalty.
* A 2-point Procedure penalty will be imposed for any other error by the student. (ie. Not loading the prescribed rounds into the loading device)

What to bring for the Qualification Course of Fire:

* Pistol(s) you wish to qualify with
* Holster Required - OWB (Outside the Waistband) only. No drop, Inside the Waistband, Shoulder, Ankle, or Cross Draw Holster allowed.
* 200 rounds of factory loaded ammunition
* At least 3 magazines for a semi auto or 3 speed loaders for a revolver.
* Minimum of 2 Mag Pouches
* Eyes and Ears Protection


Please consult an Attorney for all of your legal questions. Elite Noire is not providing, nor will it ever provide legal advice.

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