New Jersey CCW Frequently Asked Questions

• Pursuant to Attorney General Directive No. 2022-07 dated June 24, 2022. “Justifiable need to carry a handgun” is no longer required to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

• We recommend you submit a complete carry application package to your town police department or NJSP Barracks. Do not "Piece Meal" application items because they may get lost.

• If you have taken just the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course this will not satisfy the training requirement for the CCW application process.

• If you have taken just the FBI Shooting Qualifications this will not satisfy the training requirement for the CCW application process.

• If you have a CCW Permit from another State, this will not satisfy the New Jersey CCW training requirement.

• You need to practice the course of fire, because it will be pass or fail. All training and qualification must be within six (6) months of the application date.

• New Jersey residents that have a local police department must submit their Conceal Carry application packet there. Otherwise, it must be submitted to the closest State Police Barracks near the applicant's residence.    

• Once you have a NJ CCW Permit, the firearm you are carrying does not need to follow transportation rules. However, this does not apply to other firearms you might be transporting like a rifle.

• Exempt from carrying loaded mags? Once you have a NJ CCW Permit, you no longer have to rely upon the exemptions for the handgun you are carrying on your person.

• How many handguns am I allowed to carry? Once you have a NJ CCW Permit, you may carry a maximum of two handguns at any given time. 

• Does NJ CCW have Reciprocity? Some states recognize NJ’s permit, but at the moment, NJ does not recognize any out of state permit.

• You must renew your NJ CCW Permit every 2 years with a full application packet including shooting qualification.

• Can non-New Jersey residents can apply for a CCW Permit?  Yes! Non-New Jersey residents apply at a State Police Barracks.

• Can you Open Carry a firearm? As of December 22, 2022, open carry is no longer permitted. All firearms must be Concealed Carry.

• Does military training or a DD214 satisfy the training requirement? The answer is no.

• Can I get a permit if I smoke marijuana? Federal law prohibits anyone with a medicinal or recreational marijuana card from applying for a NJ CCW permit.

• Can a green card holder, who is not a US citizen, apply for the NJ CCW Permit? If they can legally own a firearm in NJ, they can apply.

• What if I fail? You will have to pay and retake the qualification course. Carrying a gun is a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.

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